We deal in big ideas. You in?

Whether it’s sending big files from A to B or helping employees be the best they can be, we’re all about enabling. It’s not about if we can conquer challenges, but how — and bold thinking like that takes its fair share of optimism. We don’t discriminate ideas, or the people behind them. At WeTransfer, we’re inclusive. Fast Company knows what’s up to name us one of the 50 best workplaces for innovators. Here, we all own it.

We believe creative thinking changes the world for the better and it’s our ambition to be behind every great idea. That’s why over the years we’ve grown from a simple file-sharing service to a set of tools that take care of other tricky bits of the creative process.

Want to be part of a diverse team that thrives on passion, creativity and good old-fashioned fun?

How about an outpouring of gratitude when people ask where you work? Or maybe you’re just down to be continually confused with a money wiring app (s/o TransferWise) — either way, come join us.

A little something about us

WeTransfer was founded in 2009 as the simplest way to send big files around the world. Today we offer a set of beautifully obvious tools that take care of other tricky bits of the creative process – Paper to capture your ideas, Paste to communicate your ideas and Collect to, well, you can probably guess that one. We also launched WePresent, to tell creative stories and spark new ideas.

We’re all about bringing “offline” values — like trust, transparency and ethics — online. It’s these values that spearhead our unique advertising model. We run full-page wallpapers for top dogs like Apple, Saint Laurent, Balenciaga, Netflix, Adidas and Squarespace — all designed by our award-winning in-house Studio.

From day one, we’ve donated 30% of this advertising space to creatives we admire and causes we care about. This has led to partnerships with a whole bunch of groundbreaking artists including Björk, Solange, Ryan McGinley, FKA Twigs and Ami Vitale, but also organizations like the Nelson Mandela Foundation, the UN Development Program, the World Wildlife Foundation and the Prince Estate.

And it doesn’t stop there. In 2016, we launched the world’s first free Master’s with the University of the Underground as well as Worldwide FM, the global radio station run by legendary BBC DJ Gilles Peterson.

Phew, enough about us. You in?

How things work

Step 1

You apply for one of our jobs through this career page,
we get back to you within 2 weeks

Step 2

A quick screening call so we can get to know
each other a little better

Step 3

Interview time. Meet your manager and a couple
of close collaborators from other teams

Step 4

A very exciting acceptance offer
letter lands in your inbox

As will.i.am put it back in 2003, to discriminate only generates hate. That’s why we’re an equal opportunity employer and we pride ourselves on diversity (as well as our knowledge of the Black Eyed Peas back catalog). We want our team to reflect the global user base of our tools — with more than 30 nationalities on board we’re off to a good start, but we know we can do better.

Not sure you’ve got all the skills and requirements to apply? Do it anyway. You got this.


Personal growth budget

Money to learn and grow but, y’know, personally

Daily catered lunch

Plus a monthly breakfast and snacks galore

Health and fitness budget

We be up in the gym just working on our fitness


Make transfers work like we’ve never seen before

Charity leave

Do nice things, get nice things back

Company pension

Treat yo’ (future) self

Talks and workshops

Experts come to the office and teach us new things

Annual retreat

It’s “team building”, but fun

Generous holidays

Go and see the world (just send us a postcard)

Commute compensation

We pay you to come to work (and then to leave) 


4 products. 3 time zones. Varying sea levels.


WeTransfer and Collect

Los Angeles



Paper and Paste

New York

Paper and Paste